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Get Involved

Get Involved

MCBI improves Muskingum County with the support of existing businesses. You too can help MCBI by mentoring, referring entrepreneurs, or donating.


Young entrepreneurs are like sponges when it comes to learning from others that have "been there." A few hours of your time sharing your experience in any area of business can be invaluable to a young entrepreneur.

Refer Entrepreneurs

If you know someone who is serious about starting a business, we want to know about it.


A business incubator has expenses too. You (or your company's) support can fuel the growth of entrepreurship and the local economy. Plus, all donations to MCBI are tax-deductible.

MCBI Application

If you are interested in the MCBI program and would like to apply to become a MCBI client, please download a copy of the application, fill it out, and return it to MCBI.

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